Monday, May 1, 2017

RavenCon 2017

I haven't been to a convention in YEARS!  Seriously, years.

We live decently close to some quality area cons.  And this year's RavenCon was at a hotel that was 15 minutes away.  

So at the last moment, I decided to go.  Why did I decide to go?  Because Mercedes Lackey was the guest of honor.  

Friday afternoon I left work early so I could give the pup some out of the kennel time.  After a quick stop at Wendy's, we were off to the hotel.
Staying at home, and being a boring person, I didn't need this advice
I looked at the panels, circling the things I wanted to go to.  After noticing that everything was at the same damn time, I picked my panels.  And all of them were at 10pm or later.  Anyone that knows me knows that I'm in bed by 10 most nights.  

Ever go to a panel after half-reading the description?  That was me.  I thought I was going to a scholarly discussion about females in literature that are up to no good, and what I got was a panel about the Misbehavin' Maidens, a group that sing feminist Renaissance Faire-ish music.  I loved it!  I immediately made plans to attend their concert the next evening.

After that panel, was Mercedes Lackey's panel and signing.  I brought only 1 book: the UK cover of Sacred Ground.  (I bought the book in Ireland, and it's very special to me)

Then reality smacked me in the face.  I came in around 6 the next evening, but was already tired and antsy.

There's a reality for people that suffer with Anxiety related issues:  sometimes the world is too people-y and it's just exhausting.  I know, it sounds odd.  But after spending hours wandering around, talking to people and trying to figure out where I should be and where I was going and trying not to look like a gigantic dork when doing it all.. I was exhausted.

I left the hotel at 9pm on Saturday night, before the Misbehavin' Maidens concert.  I was disappointed.  But they understood!
Which prompted this bit of musing:

If I had a place to hang out that wasn't a chair in the lobby, or all alone in the game room... I might have made it.

But we came back on Sunday, so I could get my loot:
And now I'm at my desk, trying not to fall asleep.  

It's not like I stayed up super late.  maybe I'm just getting old?

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