Saturday, April 8, 2017

17 bags of trash later...

You know that box of random crap that you picked up somewhere along the way?  We've all had one form time to time...

Last weekend I discovered at least 6 of them!

Last weekend I walked upstairs into the storage room and noticed that our nice shelving was leaning precariously away from the wall.  The leaning tower of shelving!  So that day we emptied the shelves and started the great purge of 2017!

Some back story:  After I left my ex-husband I moved most of my belongings into my BFF's garage.  Over the course of that summer most of said possessions molded and most of it got thrown away.  After that, my attachment to things decreased sharply.

Over the last few years I've worked hard to find a place for everything, and put everything in its place.  I've gotten rod of most of the boxes of random crap that I had.

Sadly, my careful efforts didn't do anything to address the boxes and boxes of Legos that are all over the house, thanks to the Spousal Equivalent and his love of Mobile Frame Zero.
not an actual picture of our legos, we have WAY more!
While taking everything out of storage has been a gigantic pain in the ass, it's actually helped!  I've cleaned out a few closets.  I've reorganized much of my own things that I have in carefully labeled boxes.  And what seems like 17 bags of trash later... we have less boxes of Legos stuffed into every corner.

It's a slow moving process.  One that caused me to hurt my back.  But it's moving along.  And there's something therapeutic about it.  I know where my stuff is, and I can find it without too much bother!  I still have pockets of clothes here and there.  That's my next task.  But at least I know the shelving isn't going to collapse on me!

And tomorrow... we build a shed.

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