Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The role of Tuesday will be played today by Monday

I got to work, all set to face a 6 (yes 6) hour meeting.  I ran into my office, grabbed my note sheet and ran downstairs.

And there was a moving truck there.

Yes, moving and storage showed up and I wasn't warned about it.  So back upstairs I ran, pointed out the things that needed to be hauled away and ran out.

I went to my meeting, which consisted of a series me figuring everything in out in five minutes, then spending 25 minutes waiting for us to move on.

Then I ran back to the office to (unsuccessfully) try to print something out.  We figured out that a professor might have moved with a school computer..

Then I see a big. metal. bookcase.  IN THE HALLWAY!  I had JUST sent items in for surplus!  You can't just take your junk out of your office and leave it in the hallway!!

I inform Gail of this and leave... I have things to do!

Off to Walmart, where I tried to yet again tell them that it wasn't necessary to order me the item that I cancelled.  But their computers were down and I couldn't get my money back today.

Then I sent to Target Optical.  I had an appointment for today at 5pm.

But it's not today.

it's tomorrow.

When my chiropractor appointment is.

I seriously went to my car, shut the door and cussed to loudly that people jumped.

Thankfully the Spousal Equivalent bought dinner.... pizza.  I dropped a piece on my shirt.

I'll be hiding under the bed if you need me.  Apparently Monday is out to get me.

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