Sunday, November 1, 2015

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month... In a very personal way

I always get my yearly mammogram at the beginning of October.  I go in and never hear about it again.. no news is good news.

This year, I had to go back.

And it wasn't for nothing either.  The tech showed me the 4 very small calcifications in my right breast. 

I went right from the exam room and had to wait in an office.  The radiologist breezed in and told me that she recommended a biopsy.  She left just as quickly.  An eternity later, another woman came in to describe the procedure and schedule it.

On October 19th I went in.  I spent some very tense time with some wonderful nurses.  Then I was taken to a room.  I laid on a table and dangled my boob through a hole.  I was lifted into the air.  They took a pile of films to line up the needle.

In a few minutes, I was done.  I was lowered back onto the ground.  I went in for yet ANOTHER mammogram.  

They taped me up, and I went home.  To wait.  And to think.

I decided then and there that I was weirdly OK if they wanted to do a mastectomy.  I made mental plans about asking them to wait until after Disney.  I made mental to do lists for the temp they'd have to hire to replace me.  I mentally processed losing my hair to Chemo.  The stress was incredible, and I couldn't exercise.  or lift things.  I drank a lot of wine...

Then on the 23rd I got a call.  I was clear.  No cancer.

For everyone that has had to go through Breast Cancer treatments:  I feel for you.

Thankfully, I didn't have to do it myself.


Unknown said...

I have to do a lot of testing for my various health problems. Some have good results and some have bad results. You perfectly captured what some of my emotions are during the tests themselves!
Glad you are okay!

Meari said...