Friday, November 20, 2015


My birthday is coming up fast!

And I LOVE my birthday.  I have a December birthday.  By this time everything is usually decorated for the holidays.  And we all know that Christmas is my favorite time of year!

Sadly, I've had a pretty not awesome track record of having a party and celebrating my birthday.  It's a rotten part of year to have a birthday.  It's a time of year with many family and work commitments.  Everyone usually has a cold.
And of course I'm also to blame.  I have in the past combined my birthday with trips to Busch Gardens's Christmas Town.  Not everyone can do that at the best of times.  I'm also the blame for being an adult and wanting to have a "special day," like little kids get.  I'm probably only feeling like this because I'm feeling small and emotionally vulnerable right now.  (And my fear of being forgotten is contributing as well)

In the end my birthday hardly ever goes the way I want it to, leaving me disappointing.  

So what am I going to do?  This year my birthday is on a Tuesday.  I'm going to run the Christmas Town Dark 8K.  We'll probably go back to the park after the race and see a show.
And other than that, nothing.  I'm 40.  Maybe it's time to stop celebrating my birthday.

Or maybe I'll treat myself to some wine and watch Christmas movies all day.

Sadly this already happens.  It's called "Saturday."

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