Sunday, February 15, 2015

Viniterra Race for the Chocolate 10K

Saturday, Valentine's day.  The Race for the Chocolate.  My first 10K!

Everything went wrong in this mess.

I'm serious....

Let me tell you why:

  • Weather:  This was no one's fault, but I don't think it cracked the freezing mark.  Ever.
  • Parking:  We parked on a field.  There should have been parking assistance, especially since there was a car-swollowing hole in the middle of the field!  There was a guy standing in the hole when we left but I was SHOCKED there wasn't a car stuck in the hole when we got there.
  • Port-a-potties-  all ran out of TP.  before the race.
  • Water stops-  Stop #1, a guy was filling individual cups of water as we ran up.  Like you had to wait in a line for water on the course.  #2 had no water... but we were handed bottles of water a mile after.  Who likes running clutching a bottle of water?
  • The course- not bad, but the last mile was ALL uphill.  REALLY?
  • The end- at the end we were handed medals, still in their shipping baggies.  There were no bottles of water or bananas or anything at the finish.  What there was ... was a tent down the hill and a line.
  • The lines-  there was a HUGE line to stand in post-race.  a line to get chocolate (a plastic tray of 2 chocolate, 2 marshmallows and a biscotti all handled by people not wearing gloves) and a stemless wine glass (that had the New Kent winery logo on it, not the race logo, as advertised).  There was also a long line for wine tasting.  I believe the words "screw this" were used, and we went home.
I was tired, sore and cold after.  My toes were numb until mile 3.  I didn't much care that I had just run my first 10K.  It's not like there were volunteers there to cheer me.  Actually there was an AMAZING lack of volunteers.  This isn't the fault of the race organizers.New company, new race and all.  But you REALLY see how vital volunteers are for a race!

So, I got home and took a hot shower,  I devoured last night's left over pizza and then snuggled into a nest and waited for the Spousal Equivalent to get home.

We brought me dinner, then left again for the church's game night.  I was in a blanket nest, thank you very much, and was not leaving for anything.

Later on the wind started to pick up, and concerned puppy was concerned for her daddy.

My weekend to recap:

A below freezing hot mess of a race that I'm never doing again followed by a blanket nest.

I'm here now, prepping food for the week, and waiting for the weather people to decide how craptastic Monday and Tuesday will be.  Yay?

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