Thursday, February 26, 2015

Could we get some spring please?

Last night Mother Nature dumped 7 inches of snow on us.  7 inches of super heavy, wet snow.

Of course, everything was shut down.

Our cars are covered and the roads are almost impassable.

So far today I've made lunch, washed dishes and let the dog out the back.
There's only 2 or three inches out there.  This will be Misty's potty for a few days.  Why?

This is what happens when she goes out in the deep snow:
Yes, that's snow stuck to her fur.  The dangers of a longhair doxie in the snow!

I tried to plan for this.  I tried to buy a snow shovel.

There were none.  NONE!

I'm a little tired of this.  The cold and snow are breaking my give-a-damn!  All I want to do is stay home under blankets and drink cocoa.  But I can't.  I have working out to do.  Sunday marks the beginning of March.  I hope the roads are passable by then.  Actually, I wouldn't mind the roads being passable by tomorrow!  I have work that needs to happen!

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