Sunday, February 8, 2015

Damn, I've been busy today!

In my attempt to spring clean myself (and my house), I got busy today.

It's currently 12:50 and I've already:

  • Cut a bag of potatoes, and have them roasting- for dinners and lunches this week
  • similarly, a bad of frozen chicken breasts are also cooking, ready for me to shred it... for meals for the week
  • I cut up everything for dinner
  • unloaded and loaded the dishwasher
  • went on a morning run
  • bagged up trash
  • did a bunch of dishes by hand
  • cleaned the kitchen counters
  • pre-made a week's worth of lunch salads

I still have to:
  • put away laundry (see image right.  that's totally me)
  • tidy the living room
  • change the sheets on the bed
  • cut quilt squares.
I should exercise some more (there's a race Saturday.  I'm SO unprepared)

I should be doing the pile of chores above.

Lord of the Rings is on, and I so want to sit there and watch it.

But I'll be good.  I'll do some more in the kitchen and then take a break.

I'll make good choices.
What did get me through my kitchen chores was an audiobook and a bluetooth speaker.
It's weird.  I've had people say they'd rather take a year to read a book than to listen to audiobooks.  I love audiobooks.  And I use the hell out of my Audible subscription.  I've currently been listening to the Rachel Morgan Hollows series.  LOVE it!  It's like the Anita Blake books, but without the gratuitous sex!  It's set place in a world where a genetically modified virus revealing that witches, werewolves, vampires and other supernatural things were with us all the time. The books are smart and funny and full of that world building that gives me the intellectual lady boner.  The CW bought the rights to make a TV show and then passed on it.  That just pisses me off!  It would make such an awesome show!!  The narration of this series is simply amazing too.  She's what really make the books enjoyable to listen to.

I think that after I'd done with that series I'll move onto Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series.

Now that a new book is on my phone, it's time for lunch, then more work.  Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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