Saturday, September 7, 2013

Busch Gardens Pass Member Appreciation Day!

Today started early.  Because it was Busch Garden's Pass Member Appreciation Weekend.  We hit Das Festhaus, and at 10 were treated to previews of Hollow Scream (New scarring terror-tories), Christmas Town (with it's own pass), and the new show coming to the Globe Theater in England.
London Rocks.... it seems to be a mixture of British Invasion music, multi-media, and live entertainers.  By far I was most excited about that!

Lunch was back at Das Festhaus.  Pass Members has a special line:  $14 for samples of food that was new, and they were thinking of trying out.  The Dublin Coddle.... was AMAZING!

I was there was the Spousal Equivalent, and we were joined by the BFF, her mother and her daughter.  I had the pleasure of taking the young miss on a few rides, before we hit the Roman Rapids.  I liked it so much that I did it twice.  Needless to day, we were SOAKED!!
Of course, I saw someone that I knew in the gift shop.  How embarrassing!

Because we were soaked and cold, we went to run errands on the way home.

Now we're home... and I'm still pruney.. but it was a great day!

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