Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blah..... need to work on some things...

This was just a blah week so far.

  • I weighed in and gained weight
  • I'm doing a massive web update at work.  While I work for hours on it every day, nothing seems to ever get done.
  • I'd planned on keeping my house clean.  (Seriously, y'all.... it looked nice!).. and failed.

So I'm going to work on some things this next week.
  • re-think how I do lunch- smaller portions of low points food.  So I can graze in the afternoon.  This should help the snacking that I've beenhaving issues with.
  • Spend Saturday tidying the living room and doing laundry
  • keep plugging on the website- it will end someday!

Why do I keep doing this?  

Oh that's right.. I'm lazy!  (Sheesh!)

Ok, lunch, then more website updates!

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