Monday, August 15, 2016

I've got the Power! (or not... in this case...)

Yet again, we're experiencing a heatwave.  It's actually rather nasty!  It rained suddenly yesterday and after it stopped I opened the door.  It was like getting slapped in the face with a hot, wet towel!

We lost power overnight the other day.  it was the first time in FOREVER that something like this had happened.

Well today halfway thought my workout it happened again.  I was on a roll with my morning workout (Focus T 25, cardio!) and all of a sudden, everything blinked off.

The power came back, and I went out to walk Misty.  

But by the time we came back, it was all off again.  Apparently we weren't the only ones!

So I showered in the dark.  I got dressed in the dark.  I tried to apply make up by the light of my iPhone flashlight...  (Hey Spousal Equivalent, I think it's time to get fresh batteries in the camping lantern!)  I opened the fridge door for the briefest of moments to get my lunch and off I went.

This must be the secret of getting me to work early.  Cut off my power!
It's actually a bit of a bummer.  I was on a roll!

I weighed in last week and it was AWFUL!  Like a number so high that I nearly burst into tears.  And I did this to myself.  I know I've been slacked!  What did I do?  I wanted to go home and eat 6 cupcakes, but where would that have gotten me?

I made that day Day One of my new food and exercise plan!

Right now I have a healthy, well portioned lunch.  Tonight I have a plan (provided that we have power).

Hell, I ever have gotten my kiddy portion plates down!  I'll use them, damnit!

Tomorrow, provided I have power, it's running and another date with Shaun T!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Suicide Squad (here thar be spoilers)

Seriously, there's spoilers here!

I left the movie with thoughts..

  1. I liked the movie.  It's not stupendous.  But for a DC movie, it's not too bad.
  2. It's got the DC weakness of trying to cram 4 hours on movie in a 2 hour movie.
  3. Because of the MASSIVE amount of characters, some of them got the shaft.  (Captain Boomerang wasn't a character, he was a caricature.  )
  4. The 1 native dude was killed in like 10 minutes.  RIP Slipknot, we hardly knew ya.  (Doing research, the comic book character look not to be Native... but they did cast Adam Beach...)
  5. Bravo with Will Smith playing Deadshot!!  I actually think that was a more fully realized character than Harley Quinn.  Also I don't believe the original character was African American.  It goes to show that you can cast roles like this with the best actor for the job, regardless of the color of their skin.
  6. Nice double-cross on the audience!  We were all thinking that Enchantress was part of the team.  No!!  She's the antagonist!!
  7. But we all know the REAL villain of the movie was Amanda Waller.  
  8. Masterful use of music... rather Guardians of the Galaxy-esque!
  9. Diablo!!!  I LOVED his character!  He was a complete character.  We saw the growth.  We understood his motivation!  We saw him seek his redemption!!  Then he died.  I get that it had to happen that way.... but still.  LOVED this guy!!
  10. Margot Robbie was AMAZING as Harley Quinn!!  Like seriously amazing!!
It wasn't a perfect movie, but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

Now, let's all start praying that the studio doesn't

f*ck up Wonder Woman!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The role of Tuesday will be played today by Monday

I got to work, all set to face a 6 (yes 6) hour meeting.  I ran into my office, grabbed my note sheet and ran downstairs.

And there was a moving truck there.

Yes, moving and storage showed up and I wasn't warned about it.  So back upstairs I ran, pointed out the things that needed to be hauled away and ran out.

I went to my meeting, which consisted of a series me figuring everything in out in five minutes, then spending 25 minutes waiting for us to move on.

Then I ran back to the office to (unsuccessfully) try to print something out.  We figured out that a professor might have moved with a school computer..

Then I see a big. metal. bookcase.  IN THE HALLWAY!  I had JUST sent items in for surplus!  You can't just take your junk out of your office and leave it in the hallway!!

I inform Gail of this and leave... I have things to do!

Off to Walmart, where I tried to yet again tell them that it wasn't necessary to order me the item that I cancelled.  But their computers were down and I couldn't get my money back today.

Then I sent to Target Optical.  I had an appointment for today at 5pm.

But it's not today.

it's tomorrow.

When my chiropractor appointment is.

I seriously went to my car, shut the door and cussed to loudly that people jumped.

Thankfully the Spousal Equivalent bought dinner.... pizza.  I dropped a piece on my shirt.

I'll be hiding under the bed if you need me.  Apparently Monday is out to get me.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Harry Potter (This post is Gif-licious)

Sunday is Harry Potter's birthday.

Why should a 41 year old woman care?
Because I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan.  And I'll publicly admit it!!

My story started when I was in grad school.  My mother was working in an elementary school library when the first three books came out (they came out all at once, or in quick succession here, if I remember).  I tried in vain to get the books from the public library.  Once day my mother's boss, the lovely librarian, asked her how fast I could read the new Harry Potter books she had just received.  The first three books.  I was all over that!
Two days.  It only took 2 days!

I remember standing in line with my friends for the midnight to pick up the Order of the Phoenix.  When then went to a Denny's, sat in a booth and read.  Grown Women.  In our 20's.  Reading at a Denny's at 2am.
Why do I love Harry Potter?

Harry Potter exists in a world that isn't perfect.  

I mean... there was a mass murderer...  That terrorized society not once, but twice.  And the second time, the news was kept from the people and hushed up in the press.
And then there was the evil that wore a face of respectability and order.  The evil that we all know.  The evil that touches ordinary lives.
(That bitch is scary!  Even more so, because we all know people like her!)

But even in all of this, there is light.  There is spells that feed on hope and happiness that conquer the darkness.
This is a world where travelling happens in a thought.  Where magic can help with housework, travel, cooking and every day tasks.  Where a game like Quiddich can exist!
Where money transactions happen in coins.  There a Rubber Duck is a mystery.  It's a place that by now is so familiar that it feels like home, but it's so different that it's like a foreign that it's like a vacation.

I know that other adults think that I'm crazy.  They think that it's just a book.  That in the scheme of things that it's not important.
And they are right.  There are other issues in the world.  There is war, racism, poverty.

But there's evidence that Harry Potter can teach tolerance and empathy to children.  By looking at the race purity and the corrupt leaders, children can use that to analyze and processes prejudices in their own lives.  

But the most important thing about Harry Potter is that it's a world that's there when the pressures of this one become too much to handle.  It's my refuge, and as things in the media and on the news get more and more grim, the world of Harry Potter will always be there.

So this Sunday Harry Potter will be 36 years old.

Happy birthday to The Boy Who Lived.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let's hope my luck changes!!

My luck changed drastically on Saturday.

Saturday morning I went to get a massage.  It never happened.

I came back, dejected after the run around I went on.

I noticed that it was rather warm in the living room.  Our living room tends to run cold when the AC is on.

Then we realized that they AC wasn't on.

On Sunday the landlord came around.  The verdict was in.  The outside unit wasn't working.  You could hear the hum of electricity, but the fan wasn't spinning.  They would call the HVAC people on Monday.

Great, we can do this!

Sunday night we realized that no, we can't.

We went to bed on the couch.  Fans blowing on it.  The poor puppy was panting, hiding under the couch.  I think we collectively got 2 hours of sleep.  By 2am we were trying to open windows and looking online for a portable AC unit.

Once the morning came, it was clear that neither of us were up for work.  My eyes were burning from the lack of sleep.

We finally found a portable AC unit at Target.  (We couldn't use a window unit without ruining the screens.  The thing doesn't work overly well.  But in comparison, it's amazing.  Between that and the ice cold before bed shower, I slept last night.

I'm actually rather proud of myself.  It was last night at dinner when I broke down sobbing.  Usually that state of absolutely defeat happens earlier.

I'm actively trying to forget the rest of my house.  I never did get a chance to clean up the post-vacation mess.  And now it's really hard to do any work there.  The sweat that pours into your eyes after working for 10 minutes makes it difficult.

Today I'm meeting the repairman to see what the damage is.  I'm praying that they can either fix it today, or give me some sort of timeline as to when it'll be done.  If I know that this ordeal has an endpoint, I can endure it.

When I have some sense of a timeline I can make my to do list and see what I can do with the energy that I have each day.  With some sense of a timeline I can have some hope.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We're having a heatwave...

It's hot around here.
 We're having a heatwave....

A tropical heatwave.

No seriously!  Look at these temperatures!!

You know what we don't have??

Air Conditioning!!

That's right.. ours is busted.  The outside unit isn't spinning, or turning... I can hear it trying to work, but no go.  And look at those temperatures!!  It's edging on 85 in here!

It's not pleasant.  But I really worry about the puppy.  She's been all pant-y since yesterday.  She has a non-consensual cold bath this morning.  She wasn't a fan, since water is the enemy and all...

Yes... first a massage that wasn't.  Now a broken AC unit.  Let's hope that bad luck doesn't come in 3's and the guy won't be here for a month.

Think cool thoughts for me y'all!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I LOVE Comic Con!!! (Edited with more trailers)

It's San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Why do I love it??

Because we get trailers!!  (I love me some good trailers!!))

The Wonder Woman trailer!!!  I've been waiting for this for basically ever!!  Heck, Wonder Woman was the sole reason I went to the Superman vs Batman movie!!

So far, so good!!

Edited to add:
I LOVE the fact that they are using WWI and not WWII as a backdrop to this movie for 2 reasons:

  1. WWII tends to get a LOT more film attention than WWI
  2. WWI was pointlessly brutal on such a scale that it was staggering.  I'm not talking actual loss of life, but the loss of life vs. military outcome.  It was awful.  And if Diana wants to see humanity at its worst, WWI was a good choice.
  3. Also, during WWI women has little in the way of rights!!  

I had NO idea that we'd get a Justice League trailer!!

I wonder if it ins't so much a trailer, as it the best they could put together with the footage and available CGI that they had.  (Maybe why there is so little Cyborg and so much Aquaman?)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!!

This movie totally hit my world building love that I have!!  And it gives us the most information that we've had so far!!

(And he's totally a Pokemon trainer!!)

We even got some Suicide Squad!!

Sadly there was no Rogue One panel, so no new trailer.

These trailers are the biggest way that people like me, that are sweating at home, can enjoy all the geeky fun!!

Edited to add more trailers!!

The CW paraded theirs out:

Sadly, no Supergirl.

But Marvel did give us Dr. Strange:

And Captain Marvel!!

And a ride???