Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thank goodness it's over.

I've had a few things go on in the last month.

  • Commencement
  • Some weird health issues
Commencement is the same issues every year.  It's 2 hours of herding cats, then a speed through to the finish.
This year Mother Nature had another plan.  We had to call the Rain Plan, since our ceremony was under a tent.

That meant that we were moved to a gym.  A big echo-y gym.  We rolled in at 3 and had an hour to figure out how we were going to run things.  

By the grace of some deity, we did it.  All the students got their diplomas.  The refreshments were eaten.  Sadly, we ran out of cups for the beverages.

That was my capper to a weird month, which started with a pounding heart.
A few weeks before we were getting ready to go to Busch Gardens.  The excision of putting on my damn pants caused my heart to pound.  Like, I had to lay down.  I assumed it was a panic attack, since panic attacks mimic heart attacks.

It wasn't just that.  I wear an Apple Watch and noticed that my heart-rate was running a little high.

After going to the gynecologist and having my blood pressure super high it was decided that I needed a talk with my primary doctor.  I was prescribed the following:
  • a new blood pressure med
  • changing my diet
  • exercise
  • lower my stress
The exercise is going well.  The new medication is going well.  The diet and exercise are still a work in progress.  We're putting some effort in the healthy eating!

The de-stressing is going to take some work.

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