Wednesday, March 25, 2015

21 Days Later

It's over folks!  I have spent 21 days doing the 21 Day Fix.  I haven't measured yet, but I know I've only lost 2 pounds.

But I'm calling it a success.


I wanted a kick in the pants.  And that's what I got.  I actually really liked the container eating system (I actually plan to incorporate that into Weight Watchers and keep it up).

How will I go on from here?

Well, I'm doing another challenge group.  This time I'm going to train the way I need to train.  Since the snow is melted, I can get out and run.  This month I'm swapping out some of the cardio with running.  I also bought anothe rprogram (since I wanted more cardio in general.)  TurboFire.

It should arrive today, so I'm excited to get a look at that.

I don't know my fearless group leader will agree, bit I do know that I need to do what works for me.  I know I can't spend all month on one program.  I get bored.  I need to run some days.  Do cardio other days.  Strength training other days.

But I do know is that I need to step up my effort a bit.  I'll get out of this what I put in.  And I'm training with the Disney goal in mind!

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