Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm a worried momma

Yesterday, the Spousal Equivalent was petting the Misty.

He found a lump under her fur.

Cue me freaking out!

This is my baby!  She's only 7!  I can't lose her now!

(Because I always jump to the worst conclusion... see below)

I called the vet.  They said that she needs to be seen, bit it's not an emergency and not to panic.

Well, I'm panicking.

We're also going in tomorrow to see what's going on with my puppy.

The interwebs said that it's probably nothing.

But I might not sleep until the vet also says that it's nothing.

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Angie's Angle said...

Oh honey, I feel your pain and worry. I found a lump on my baby last summer (I think it was) and was in full on panic mode. Do you know what it ended up being? A grass seed had worked its way under her skin and started to fester. Of all things!
*hugs* I hope your lump is just as silly and nothing.