Monday, January 19, 2015

Long weekend and Balkan Cuisine

I  posted this to the college's instagram when I was hosting.
It was an interesting week this week.  We had an ice storm.  Misty went to the vet and is healthy.  It was a cyst!And I hosted the Life @ WM Instagram account.  This best of the bunch is looping to the right.

Yes, that's me... on a rolling desk chair... scooting down the hall.  Friday afternoons bring on weird things!

From their Facebook
In other news, we'd seen a new restaurant go up a while back.  I mentioned this on Facebook and within a few hours, a group outing was arranged!

For lunch yesterday we went to the Balkan Cuisine Restaurant.  The name wasn't very inventive....

I'd never had Balkan food (other than the little Greek that I've had) So I wanted to try it!

The place isn't hat big.  It's a storefront in a strip mall.  Our party of 6 overwhelmed the place a bit.  It overwhelmed the kitchen.  It seemed like it took forever for the food to get out.  (But the waitress brought the kids an extra plate of fries What an angel!)
They honor their heritage.  I liked this display!  And had really good food!

I had a shish Kabob.  The chicken was lightly seasoned and nice and tender.  Not being a mushroom fan, I wasn't thrilled with the PILE of 'shrooms on the plate.  But apparently I'm odd for not liking mushrooms.  Next time I'd go with rice instead of fries.  ($6.50)
The BFF had the Salko's Pljeskavica which is basically a hamburger ($14.99 with goat cheese, $13.99 with less interesting cheese)  She said it was good (a tad spicy at times, though), and I want to try this the next time we're in there.

The BFF's hubby got the Cevapi,which wasn't what we were expecting.  It was 15 tiny sausages on a big bun.  I'm sure it was a bit awkward to eat. ($12.99)

The spousal equivalent got Gulas ($9.99)  He said that some of the meat was a little fatty.

We didn't get a picture but the Veggie in the group had a Pite.  Which is more like bread baked with things in it rather than a pita pita... He had the Zelijanica ($7.99), which was spinach and cheese made into dough.  It looked like if you made spanakopita into a bread.

In all the food was good.  And for the most part, not that expensive.

The only negatives:

  • sodas and water come in bottles, not from a fountain so no free refills.
  • I swear someone was smoking in the kitchen before we left.  The cigarette smell was strong.
I'm definitely going back so I can try other things!

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