Saturday, December 26, 2009

T'was the day after Christmas and all though the apartment...

Well, it's 11 an we've all defiantly stirred. We're spending the morning applying to jobs before we head over to the old place to grab a few boxes of stuff.

We're at a point where there's a lot to do, and at the same time, we're almost done. I know.... weird. It's down to the little stuff.

Christmas was anti-clamatic. We did the Kelley family tradition of having Perogies on Christmas eve, then had a guest for Christmas day.

One of the high points of the season was Christmas Eve service at church. It kind of inspired me to try to become more active in the church. To explore my faith further.

Now, to finish the move, and to find employment. That's the one piece of the puzzle that I'm missing.

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