Monday, May 11, 2020

The Struggle Bus

Like many people these days, I'm firmly riding the struggle bus.

My current quarantine struggles:

  • I'm losing track of time.  Today I blinked and it was past noon!
  • I can't keep track of the date or day of the week
  • I normally have NO memory.  It's SO much worse now!!
  • I'm having weird, vivid dreams
  • For some reason I'm having issues with reading comprehension.  Emails and text messages.  I have to read them a dozen times before I comprehend ALL of it.  It's terrible!

For example.  This all happened today I:

  • Pissed off the cat. She ran away and is hiding from me so I can’t give her meds
  • Pissed off the dog by trying to take her outside
  • Stubbed my toe on the vacuum
  • Took a shower... am unsure if I brushed my teeth
  • My hair is wet, yet I don’t remember showering
  • Actually had to look down to check if I was wearing pants.

That last part happened just now.  I'm not under a blanket.  I'm on a chair. 

Today is just being a struggle.  I have to pick up wine from the wine store and my completion packet from the running store.  I'm afraid to get behind the wheel of my car!

I just noticed that it's 1.  Maybe I should get some lunch?

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