Friday, April 17, 2020

I'm not fast

I'm doing the Social Distance challenge that's being put on by my local running store.  I have 4 weeks to run or walk a total of 26.2 miles.

This thing started on Saturday.  And there's quite a few people almost done.  Why?  because they go out in the morning and in 30 minutes run like 8 miles.


I'm not fast.  Not at all!!

In 30 minutes I can run just under 2 miles.

It'll take me the entire 4 weeks to do the 26.2. 

I log every walk and run.  I try to do a mile and a half in the morning and a mile at lunch.  I'm already up to 7.5 miles!

But not the 20 some odd miles that other people have already.

Nope, I'm not fast.  It's something that I'm going to work on more when the mornings are warmer and less nasty on my lungs.

I'm sure that none of the other people in this challenge came in last in a race! 

I'm not fast.  But I'll get it done!

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