Friday, July 5, 2019

You win some, you lose some...

One of the reason that we married in the first place was to eventually buy a house.  Well, we got the ball rolling.  Got pre-qualified.  Found a real estate agent.

We then got smacked with reality.  The houses I was looking at, in the location I was looking at them in were WAY too above our budget. I was budgeting with money that we didn't have.

So (all with my brother visiting, might I add) we had a talk.  We decided to spend the next year saving money, cutting unnecessary spending, weeding out things from our current place.  We've had some expenses crop up in the last year that we didn't anticipate.  Like having a tree fall on our cars and having to buy new ones.  And I think we're at the point where I need to invest money in allergy shots.

I really wanted to move.  I wanted to get away from sharing walls with people.  I wanted more space.  But I also want to afford to live someplace AND eat.  I've been foreclosed on before, and it SUCKS.

Along with the rather tough talk about money, we also talked about Disney.  And how expensive it is.  Even if we do have the time share... the price of park tickets alone makes one shudder.

So we're cutting back to every other year.  And since I'm standing up in a weeding AT Disney in 2022, that means that there will be no 2021 Wine and Dine Half Marathon for me.
I'm ok with that.  I might register for a half marathon in town for that time.  Keep the momentum going.  Maybe try for 2023?
But regardless, We now have a plan, and I feel better when I have a plan.

  1. Cut unnecessary spending
  2. Look at where our money DOES go and see if we can reduce it
  3. clean out this place (maybe we can use a smaller house in the long run if we have less stuff!)
  4. Keep up the training, and step it up
  5. Profit?

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