Monday, November 19, 2018


Saturday, my Best friend and I took a road trip!

We drove from Newport News, Virginia to Durham, North Carolina.


Because we had tickets for HAMILTON!!!!

The BFF found us a great deal on a room at the 21C Museum Hotel.  Not only was the hotel (which contained an art gallery) really cool... it was 2 blocks away form the theater!
Yes, the hotel supplied a rubber duck.  If the bathtub could have been stopped to take a bath, it would have been perfect!

After a dinner of pizza at a local place, we went to see the show!

I picked up the tickets, and had to sign a paper acknowledging that the seats had limited view.
That's not TOO bad a view!!

I even managed to talk myself into some swag!

Now, what everyone is here for:  The Show!!

My Takeaways:
  • This show is an amazing piece of stagecraft!  I love the way the choreography helps propel the narrative.  Most knows with dance breaks (I'm looking at you Anything Goes) the narrative takes a rest during the dance number.  Not Hamilton!  And the use of the turntable is amazing!!!  I also think having Burr narrate the show AND be the "villain" (in an unreliable narrator kind of way) is brilliant!
  • As a theater nerd, I'd LOVE to get my hands on some of the costuming (especially the female dancer's outfits).  I want to see how they are put together!
  • I SO want to learn the Yorktown Choreography!
  • I've never seen the Broadway version, but just hearing variations between the actors is very cool!  
  • The guy that plays Burr in the Philip Cast is Nik Walker, and he's hilarious!  
  • I loved the Jefferson/Madison duo of Kyle Scatliffe and Fergie L. Philippe.  They played off of each other and it was a delight to watch! 
  •  I spent most of the performance knowing that I'd seen the person playing Washington (Marcus Choi) before.  I have.. He was on Luke Cage!
  • The Eliza/Hamilton duo of Shoba Narayan and Joseph Morales were simply amazing!  the dept of emotion these two brought was incredible.  
  • I'd LOVE to see the show again.  I'm sure that I have more thoughts, but I was so wrapped up in everything I think my brain stopped working!

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