Saturday, July 14, 2018

Keeping Them (well me...) Honest

The last few days have been interesting.... and not in a good way.

And now for some accountability:

I had some days off last week, due to the holiday.  I took my car to the shop for an oil change, tire rotation and other assorted things.  Not a problem.  I have the money for it.

When I picked it up, I was told that I’d need to get new tires in the next six months or so.

Actually it was 6 days.  My tires were dry rotten, so the air was seeping out.  4 new tires, and the rest of my money.

Sadly, because of that the event that I was supposed to attend this weekend isn’t happening (I can’t justify the cost.....).  Instead we went to Busch Gardens.  The member benefits for this month included a $10 gift card.  So breakfast and lunch were paid for.  Instead of going out today, I’m going to watch Harry Potter and clean my kitchen.

I need to re-tool my budget.  Seriously.  I shouldn’t have to buy work clothes until winter (if not longer).  I have some money in savings for our Disney trip.  I just need to plan better so I don’t have to buy lunches.  No more impulse buys.

The other thing keeping me away from the event was the crowds.  I’ve been largely absent from these people... my friends... for an age.  It’s been so long that I don’t exactly know how to re-intrigrate myself in without it being super weird.

This isn’t logical, I know.   Seriously, I need to have people come to my house and pick me up to make sure that I go out and interact with people!

But sadly, that is a project for next weekend.

This weekend I’m meal planning.  I need to make my dollars go farther!
Next week:  Interact with my friends to remind myself that yes, they are in fact my friends!!

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