Thursday, March 1, 2018

Real Conversation I had on the Phone Today

(Background information:  7 months before your trip, DVC members can book at resorts that they don't own a share in.  There wasn't anything to speak of earlier in the week, so I wait listed some resorts that I really wanted, but I decided to look again.  Animal Kingdom Lodge was available today so I called Customer Service!)

Me:  Hi!  So we have a reservation in September at Saratoga Springs, but I see that Animal Kingdom Lodge is free!  And Savannah View!  We want to switch reservations so we can reenact the Lion King!

(Oh, I was deadly serious when I said that too.  There would have been film footage)

Customer Service Person:  Sorry.... I can't do that....


Customer Service Person:  ... because your Wait list came through!!!

So instead of staying at the perfectly lovely resort that we were at last time, this time we'll be at the Contemporary!
So excited!!
Sometimes, just the tiniest thing can totally make your day!

And this TOTALLY made my day!

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