Monday, March 12, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time

Saturday I sat in a theater breathless with excitement to see one of my favorite books of all time on the screen.

I left, liking it.  but not loving it.

I didn't have an issue with the fact that they updated the story.  I didn't mind the multiracial cast.  I loved the visuals.  And for the most part, I loved the casting.  But for now, let me say that here, there be spoilers:
What I loved:

  • The casting was wonderful.  I LOVED the Mrs.'s characters!  (Though I had a bit of an issue with Mrs. Whatsit's introduction, but I'm willing to overlook it)
  • Updating it for now.  The book is form 1962.  A LOT has changed.  They changed the setting.  And I'm OK with it.
  • The visuals were even better than I had imagined!!

Where it went wrong for me:
  • Camazotz-  Seriously.  From the beginning to the end, I didn't like it.  
    • The kids are prepared for the battle before they go, it's not an accident.
    • Camazotz isn't an illusion.  It's insidiousness is the sameness.  Everything had a rhythm and a perfection.  Like the people didn't have to think for themselves. That's how the evil spreads- because it's easier not to think for yourselves than to critically think.
    • And what's with this wall nonsense????
  • Charles Wallace and Calvin O'Keefe
    • Their characters were changed in such a way that they were almost not even needed for this movie.  Seriously.  What the writer did to these two is almost criminal.
    • Charles Wallace willing submits to The It in order to find their father.  He goes in knowing that the other two can pull him out.  In the movie the kid folds like a card table.  
    • Calvin... Oh Calvin... He was there because he's intuitive and can read minds like Charles Wallace.  He is the diplomat and talks his way into and out of things.  Movie Calvin.  Like why was he there????
Should you see the movie?  Of course!  There IS a powerful message there.  And I think all young ladies should see it.

I just wish it had the complexities of the book!

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