Friday, February 23, 2018

Tahiti, it's a magical place

This week I had a Think Geek order show up at my office.  A set of bedside lamps, in Hogwarts House colors.  (Ravenclaw for me, Slytherin for the Spousal Equivalent.)

Those lamps raised a few eyebrows.  People know that I’m in my 40’s.  Most people at my age have adult looking houses.  Me?  I have Hogwarts house lamps and framed Firefly prints in my living room.  There’s a Harry Potter wand in my office.  I have a lightsaber on my desk.

I count down the days until the next Marvel movie.

We go to Disney once a year.  I’ve been a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan since I was little.  My father introduced me to Star Wars and Star Trek when I was little.  I’ve never been an avid comic book reader, but I’ve loved comic book movies for years.  We watch almost every show on the SyFy network.
This show is SO good, y'all!

I know most of the lyrics of most of the songs of WAY too many Broadway shows.   The Spousal Equivalent and I are HUGE RuPaul Drag Race fans.

I cried when we went to Universal Studios and I walked through the wall into Diagon Alley.

If “growing up” means that I have to give those things up, I don’t want to.  Some people are part of the Football Fandom.  I happen to be part of a different fandom.

I’ve been to the conventions.  I’m not alone.

I can be an adult, and still wear Disney shirts.

And I’m proud of that!

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