Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February Sucks.....

I was reminded last night that last year's February sucked.  I had actually forgotten.

Maybe I knew this subconsciously, because I've been sad for a few days now.

Not overly so, just... really down.  And for no particular reason.

Like a kidney stone, this will pass.

What am I going to do to help me out?  Well, last night's "let's eat ALL the brownies" fiasco won't help!

I need to keep on exercising.  Hopefully it'll be warm enough to run again soon, but until then the pup and I will keep on our three times a week long walkies.  She needs to lose weight and so do I.  On the other days, I need to not half-ass my in-home workout.  My OrangeTheory days... it's impossible to do that half-assed!

I need to keep up with the meal planning.  When I don't... we hit fast food and I don't need that!

I also need to stop with the retail therapy!!

I also need to not become a hermit.  I tend to do this and it's not healthy.

I'm hoping that with some warmer temperatures, and sunny weather that this funk can break.

And if it doesn't... then I'll exercise my health insurance and seek a professional.

But either way, I'm not ok right now.  But I'll be ok.. eventually.

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