Monday, March 20, 2017

Iron Fist....yeah...

So Iron Fist dropped this weekend.

And the critics hated it!!

We've been watching it, and while we're only through episode 9 or so, I've been enjoying it!  It's not a masterpiece, but it's good TV watching.

I had thoughts about it from the beginning when they cast a white guy.  But in bullet form, my thoughts on Iron Fist:

  • Why did they have to cast a white guy?  We've done the "white guy learns martial arts and saves us all" genre to death.  There's absolutely nothing keeping them from not casting an Asian or biracial actor.  It would give another character to a very under represented population.
  • They way they wrote Danny's character just annoyed the hell out of me.  He's too naive to be believed! (I know.. 15 years in a monastery, but still!) (EDITED TO ADD: And the complete 180 at the end? Can he someday soon find a happy medium?)  Maybe we're all jaded because we've already met everyone, but at times I want to take him home and feed him a cookie and give him a long talking to.  And slap the kid every time he bring up his parents.
  • And can we get more of Colleen and Claire?  I like them better than him most of the time.  (I'm not going to get into the sex scene... dude has moves, but unless he's been throwing it to the lady-monks he's never touched a girl... ever...)
  • I'm also missing his motivation.  He's the Iron Fist, the Defender of K'un-Lun, one of the Seven Cities of Heaven.  Isn't he supposed to be THERE?  What happened?  Did the mist clear and he come running out of K'un-Lun singing about wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere?  They could have done a better job with his motivations.
  • In fact, the Meechams come across a bit "caricature"ish.  Also, there's a lot of time spent at Rand Enterprises, watching Danny good-deed himself out of a job.  And that wan't the best use of time.
from Cinemablend
Have a feeling that Iron Fist was a victim of a time crunch..  I know that contractually the Defenders needed to air this summer, and for that to happen Iron Fist had to come first.  The scripts could have used a but more time to flush things out.

I'm hoping that the writing team is looking at the criticism and taking notes as to how they can improve.  There are some critics that say that the series is terrible.  It's not.  But there is room for improvement!

If you don't believe me, Emergency Awesome agrees with me.  Here's his thoughts:  (And I ESPECIALLY Agree with the Into the West comparison!)

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