Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wow.. that's embarrassing!

I stepped on a scale today.

192 pounds.

Wow... and I was doing so well!

How did I get here?
This is part of it.  I've been living in this weird place of stress for a while now.  And it's just getting worse.  My coworker recently moved from a place of being treated for cancer to a place of hospice care.  So now her work is my work, and I'm spending this week doing triage.

Actually, today I hit a place where the task was so big that I couldn't comprehend it.  (This is why I'm blogging... I'm hiding from my to-do list)

(And my heart is breaking over her situation.)

I'm working out, almost every day....

Basically, I now need an action plan!

  1. I need to plan and portion the heck out of what I eat!  That means having snacks and plans for weekend eating!
  2. Working out.  I have a plan.  I need to stick to it!  And maybe up the cardio intensity...  (And not skip my Saturday workouts....)
  3. Do something to manage the stress.  I have help available to me.  I need to use it.  In fact, I'm going to start doing that this week.  
  4. Water:  I eat mindlessly.  How about water or tea when I'm hungry.
  5. Get off my ass!  I need to set a timer to get up and walk every half hour at work.  And walk at lunch.  A break won't kill me.
  6. And in that vein... get my 10,000 steps!
I'm already starting.

I ran this morning
I have a solid meal plan.  I have a meeting tomorrow at a restaurant and picked out a not awful meal to have!

And I need to not eat my feelings
let's hope I don't need to publicly kick myself in the ass in 6 months!

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