Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sadly, life still has to go on.

I walked into work on Friday and came face to face with her closed door.  She'll never be in there to share a laugh with me again.

Every time her name pops up on work related materials, my heart hurts a little.

We packed up her office.  Well, I should say that an AMAZING student packed up most of it.  I needed to separate the work paperwork from her personal paperwork.  It was an unfortunate necessity.  With the contents of her office in boxes, it makes things a little easier to handle.  We're going to move the desk around.  That should help me not want to cry every time I look into the room.

Various campus offices have been working behind the scenes to transfer her point of contact information to me.  Every time that happens, I have to hold back tears.

We've planned a memorial.  Obituaries are being written.  I found my black dress.

But do you know the biggest thing that I did?  I signed up for a pile of races.  Many of these are the races that she and I did!

Run the D.O.G.
Christmas Town Dash 8K

(She's the one on the right)

Anyone want to run with me?  (Or walk with me?)

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Unknown said...

I'm so sorry you're going through this loss, but she is no longer in pain, and she can rest now. She is now your guardian angel and will always be near looking out for you. We love you dear friend.