Monday, December 19, 2016

'Twas the week before Christmas...

Let's recap my December:  illness, pink eye, steroids and weight gain.  (The Spousal Equivalent now has the pink eye, poor guy)

Every time I look at a calendar I'm actually surprised how close to Christmas it is, and how unprepared I am.

We're traveling this year for the holidays.  We're headed deep into the heart of Trump country, to Rural West Texas.  It's the Spousal Equivalent's family's turn this year.  In a month where I've been struggling with my health and my fitness spending a week in "smothered and covered" country isn't optimal.  But I'll get by.  I've already planned a week of healthy lunches and dinners to help get me ready for a week of fried food.

This weekend we got most of the running around done early, so I spent hours upon hours curled
under a blanket watching Christmas movies.  Which was cool until today when the temperature went up to 75.  (Seriously, 75!  Tomorrow the high is 35).  Between the wonky temperature, and being sick and impending travel (and work crap on the horizon) the Christmas Sprit has been sucked out of me this year.  The post-holiday blues is hitting early this year.  I'm hoping that between now and Saturday I can reclaim the Christmas spirit again.

Tomorrow is Monday.  Another day of data entry, account reconciling and dealing with a leaky building.  Another day of trying to eat healthy and starting my day exercising.

But seriously, can I hide under the bed this week?

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