Saturday, October 1, 2016

That didn't turn out the way that I hoped... My first and last time donating blood

I've never given blood before.  I don't know my blood type!

But when Busch Gardens advertised their blood drive I signed up.  What's to lose?  I'd get a free ticket for next year and there'd be the Fiends naughty nurses there?  Sign me up!
Why did I sign up?  This right here!

It was all going pretty well.  I gave my blood.  I had a snack and some water.  I was feeling pretty good.

So we walked across the park to the BBQ place.  They did say that eating meat after the donation would be good.

The line was long.  The longer we stood in the line, the more I began to yawn.  Finally, I decided to step out of line, and go find a table.

It was there that things went really wrong, really fast.  I was becoming light headed.  It left like my ears were stuffed with cotton.  I felt hot and sweaty.  Medic.  I needed one.  I looked around.  Since it was William and Mary student day, there were obviously college students all around.  Luckily, one of my student workers was two tables over.  I yelled over that I was going to pass out and to please get me a medic.  He laughed.  That was the joke before we left work today, that I was going to pass out.  But it only took a second or two to realize that I was serious.

He stood up and looked for help.  The help came around the time that the Spousal Equivalent showed up with the food.  By this time I'd added difficulty breathing and numb hands to the mix.

I was placed in a wheelchair and whisked off to the first aid station where I could finally lay down.  Slowly I regained feeling in my hands and my breathing eases.  We needed up eating our dinner sitting on the infirmary beds.  I was cold, but I was HUNGRY.

An hour and a half after I gave blood we were headed home.  My car is still in the parking lot.

This morning I'm feeling pretty good.  We still have to head back to Busch Gardens and get my car.

I am incredibly HUNGRY, though...

My family better enjoy their free tickets.  I know that I'm not going to give blood again!

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