Monday, October 24, 2016

Fitness and other Reindeer Games

Last weekend I ran a 5K.

It's actually been quite some time since I last ran a race.

Apparently it's been too long.  I simply don't have the stamina!  I was seriously huffing and puffing before the first mile!

Combine that with the realization that the end cycle of my current workout was NOT going work...  And I need to make some changes.

Well, I've been trying to make changes for years now.  I just need something to stick.  Maybe I'll start small.  I'll make sure to measure and track EVERYTHING tomorrow, and make that commitment for the next day.  I'll make a commitment to not half-ass my workout.  To stretch after.

I now have a goal!  And a reward!

When I lose 20 pounds, I'm going to happily drive my butt to the Williamsburg Winery and buy myself a bottle of Adagio.  (Don't look at the price... this is why it's a reward)  Sadly, it's a wine that needs to sit in a cellar and mature for a bit... so I can't open it for another 10 pounds.

I need to find some sore of daily reward/motivator as well....  A reward for tracking, portioning, working out and doing my chores.  Is it sad that I'm contemplating a sticker chart.  Like I'm 4?  And in all of this madness, I was actually considering going back to Beachbody Coaching to see if I can make a buck.  I don't know if it'll actually happen, though.

I just need to find a similar motivation for the Spousal Equivalent, who has gotten on the health bandwagon with me.

In other news the anxiety is better, but still not great.  I know it's a contributing factor with the unhealthy eating and all.

Here's to picking goals and sticking with them!

I'll check back next Monday to give a progress report!

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