Friday, September 16, 2016

Oh for the love of Pete!!

NBC and Fox have been doing live musicals for a few years.  Whenh NBC aired the Sound of Music they were very careful to state that this film would be of the stage version, not a remake of the movie.  Grease's producers were on the record that they took the best parts from the stage musical and the movie to make their script.

Then Fox decided to remake the Rocky Horror Show (Or the Rocky Horror Picture Show).

And my Facebook friend's feed went CRAZY with nay-sayers!

So, of course, me being miss "let's wait and see" had to inform them that the BBC had aired the recorded stage version last year.  And that yes, it WAS a stage musical before they filmed it.

But of course the moaning continued!

They are messing with perfection!
They are ruining everything!!
I refuse to acknowledge it's existence!!
I have always maintained that while not everything SHOULD be remade.... the Rocky Horror Show is a musical.  A stage musical.  It's been revival-ed.  A lot.  And that maybe, just maybe they were doing like they did with Grease, a combo of the movie and the stage show.

From this, it looks as if they are going with the Grease approach.

And you know what?  I'm going to watch it.  I'm going to be objective.

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