Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been a long summer....

Right before the start of the new school year I stepped on a scale.


I'd gained 6 pounds.

I was officially heavier than when I started working here.


The Spousal Equivalent also remarked that he could stand to lose a few pounds too.

So I formulated a plan!

1.) Workouts.  I work out every day, but I need to up my game.  I want to throw in a 30 minute walk with the puppy every day.  (Or our Tuesday.Thursday run)

That is the face of a puppy that wants to go walkies!
2.) Changing eating habits.  By taking my breakfast to work (baked oatmeal and yogurt) I dramatically cut down on the morning munchies.  I may not be eating salad for lunch every day, but I am dramatically increasing my veggie intake.
Seriously.... I could totally murder a loaf of good warm bread right about now!

3.) Changing my shopping habits.  Y'all.. WalMart Grocer pick up is a revelation!  I make a plan for the week, pick out what I need, then pick it up!  No going to the store and picking up ice cream because you were hungry for it!

4.) Actually giving a shit about my health.  You know what helps me remain upright and moving forward?  Chiropractic care, deep tissue massages and enough sleep.  And you know what?  I'm going to find the money to do the first two, and the time to do the last one.  Also, when I'm not feeling well I might actually take a sick day!  (Horror of horrors!)

Today I actually didn't work out.  I wasn't feeling all that hot.  Instead I slept in a tad and then took the dog out for a walk.  

The other thing that got TOTALLY out of control this summer is the clutter in my house!
I've got a storage room that you can't walk around in.  Sadly, it's been 90 degrees all summer long!  I'm hoping that as the days cool I'll be able to get in there and start getting rid of thing that I don't need and box up the things that I want to keep but don't use often and donate the shoes, bags and clothes that I seem to can't get rid of but don't wear (and won't ever wear again)

I've also done things like putting my spice rack on the wall instead of keeping spices in a drawer, so I won't keep buying spices again and again because I couldn't find them in the damn drawer...
 You know... trying to use the vertical space in the house...

(I'm next tackling the mess that is my nightstand...)

The only other thing that I need to SERIOUSLY work on is breaking up my weekend cleaning frenzy into bite sized weekday pieces.  You know.. so I don't spend ALL of Sunday cleaning (Or saying that I'm going to clean...)

Well folks... let's hope that some of these back-to-school resolutions stick...

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