Friday, September 16, 2016

Dropping some Truth

I ran into this video this morning:

And honestly, it made me angry.

Why can't we treat teachers more like this?   Why can't we give them the resources that they need AND a decent salary?

And can we stop with the hanging everything on test scores.  You know what?  MANY of the under performing schools are from schools with students living in poverty.  Sadly, the test scores won't go up until the poverty issue is solved.  
And then I thought about some other truths that we tend to ignore.

(Disclaimer:  None of these are sourced....  I will see if I can.  Also, there is a rather large sprinkling of my opinions in here)
  • The science vs. religion debate.  Y'all know they are two different things.  Right?  At times it seems like in America you have to chose between the two.  But the science will still be there.  Science doesn't care what church you go to.  It's based on research, data and facts.
  • And can we PLEASE get the Christianity out of law?  These lawmakers want the country to have law based on Christian religion.  You know what that is?  Sharia law!!!  If the Muslims can't do it, you can't either.  And the "religious freedom" that many Christians are fighting for is nothing more than making sure that their religion is the ONLY religion in this country.  the First Amendment.  Look it up.
  • And while I'm on the subject:  Marriage is a legal contract.  You don't need a church or minister to get married.  It's LEGAL.  And because it's legal, get your damn religion out of it!!!  
  • Republicans tend to look back to the post war era as a time they'd like to get back to.  You know what they did back then?  They taxed corporations and the wealthy.  And with that they built roads and made this country great.  So I agree.  Let's get back to that before the Denbeigh bridge over the interstate collapses!
  • Creationism shouldn't be taught in Public Schools.  It's religion.  If religion is taught in schools you should tax churches.
  • Let's have the same lawmakers that DEMAND that we send the military to do this and that ALSO pay for the VA.  It's embarrassing.
  • You know what else is embarrassing?  The fact that we have people dying in this country because of the lack of affordable healthcare.  Most other developed nations don't have this issue.  Could we also throw in some sick leave, a living wage and paid maternity leave?
  • The OVERWHELMING majority of Islamic people aren't terrorists.  You know, it's around the same percentage as the Christians that belong to the Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Also, Sikhs wear turbans.  They aren't Islamic.
  • And not all women in headscarves are Islamic either.  It's their CHOICE and it's not hurting you.
For too long we have been rewarding people for being absolutely mean.  Donald Trump, a candidate for President has been to rally after rally where he has mocked the disabled, called Mexicans rapists and drug smugglers, along with being not so pleasant to woman or Islamic people.

And people want him for President.

He's just the biggest example.  We reward professional sports people with million dollar contracts, but the PE teacher that taught them are using their own pocket change to buy balls.

Can we start rewarding intelligence and kindness?  Can we make the Golden Rule (You know the Do Unto others one.. the one that Jesus was all about) the standard for behavior?

I facepalm at the uninformed comments and unintelligent rhetoric so often that I have a bruise.  

I can't chance any of this.  All I can do is try to treat others with kindness, and try to correct misinformation there I can.

And drink wine.  Wine solves many things....

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