Friday, June 17, 2016

This week has well and truly sucked

Sunday we all woke to the news that 49 people were dead, 53 injured.

They were at a Gay Club in Orlando.  Almost immediately, speculation, ugliness and wonderful generosity.

(All of the photos are pictures that I've shared on Facebook this week)

Senators mentioned the loss of life, blamed ISIS, and refused to mention that these people were gay...

Tweets started flying about how these people deserved it.

And people inundated Orlando area blood banks, looking to donate blood.  So many that people were turned away.

What DO we know?

  • We know the guy was an American citizen.
  • He was a Muslim
  • He CLAIMED he was doing this for all sorts of terrorist groups.
  • We suspect those claims were false
  • he had some sort of gay dating app on his phone....

In all probability, this is a simple case of EXTREME homophobia, perpetrated by a man that was most likely gay and deeply denying it.  Is any of this confirmed?  No, but this is my best guess.

I've spent the week walking around just sad.

I'm really tired.  I'm tired of all the ugliness of the world.  I'm tired of politicians playing the blame game.

I'm tired of political candidates using tragedy to get votes.

I'm tired of a minority of a religious group being so awful that everything think they ALL are like that.

I'm tired of these "Christians" that were gloating over all the dead gay people... they are the most un-Christian-like Christians ever!

What am I going to do?

I'm going to donate if I can.

I'm going to take care of ME (selfish, I know...)

I'm going to go to Busch Gardens this weekend and get away from the TV news.

I might have a Harry Potter marathon... or watch some Disney movies.

What I'm NOT going to do:

  • Dwell on this.
  • Try to find answers when there are none.
  • Panic that it might happen here, to me or people I love.

I hope that at Pride this weekend, people can help each other heal.

I hope that all over the country, people can come together.  I hope that people of  different faiths, sexual orientations and ethnicities can come together to heal, and maybe prevent something like this from happening again.

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