Monday, May 16, 2016

The commencement that wasn't

Before we begin, a warning:
Thursday and Friday the Spousal Equivalent stayed home from work.  He was having a bit of a tummy bug.

I thought nothing of it.  I had Commencement to prep for!

By Friday afternoon I had everything ready to go.  Everything except the list of Latin Honors, which I can't get to until Sunday morning.

I was ready!

I was prepared!

Then on Saturday night, I became violently ill.  Like "I forgot that I had that for breakfast" ill.  It took me by total surprise!  As did the the sentence that left my lips after I was done.
"Honey..... I need some new pants...."

That's love right there!!  Bringing your lady love clean yoga pants after she was so violently ill that her's didn't make it through the ordeal.  He even did the laundry.

(Spoiler alert:  this happened a 3 other times too)

After this ordeal, I started to panic.  I have a co-worker that is going through chemo.  Picking this up might land her in this hospital!  Plus, what a great going away gift for the seniors!  Here's your diploma and a side of norovirus!

Commencement is actually written into my job description.  Thou Shalt Not Miss Commencement.!

And this year I did.

I heard that it went well.  And I'm SO thankful that it went well!

I'm also thankful that my Exorcist impression only was on Saturday.

Though, I'm still not really liking the idea of food....

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Unknown said...

Bless your heart! Feel better soon!!!!!!