Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowmageddon 2016

Virginia had a winter storm this past weekend.

I see all the northerners rolling their eyes, but it was a serious mess here!

Friday afternoon the snow started to fall.  By noon, when I left work, the roads were already slick.  I met the Spousal Equivalent at the mall, where we got some take out.  The main roads were already well salted, so getting home wasn't as bad.

Then things got interesting...

Friday night into Saturday the temperature began to rise, and rain fell.  I looked out of my window on Saturday morning and the snow was mostly melted.


Not so fast!

Misty tracks!
At 9am the light rain turned into freezing rain.  The pavement turned into ice immediately.  And of course, the snow started to fall again!

When everything was over, we only had around 2 inches of snow...

On top of at least an inch of ICE!

Needless to say that we haven't really left the house in two days.

And honestly, I haven't wanted to do much of anything.  I don't know what it is about a snow storm that just zaps my will to live?!?!

Because we are in Virginia, the roads don't get plowed.  This means that we have to wait for the temperature to rise before the roads aren't dangerous again.

In the mean time, I'm WAY behind in my Disney Half running training.

And I'm becoming one with my couch.

I hope that everyone has some warm fleece to snuggle in!

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