Thursday, January 7, 2016

Resolutions: First things first.

Last night I figured out how to help with some of my resolutions.

I did really well with the whole eating things all day.  Then I got home.

Seriously, my biggest problem is me!

Snacking!  It's so awful!!

So what am I going to do about it???

I'm going to clean out my kitchen!

There are snacks that I shouldn't have.  And any snacks I want to keep I'm going to hide in the pantry.

I'm then going to unearth the healthy stuff I have buried in the fridge and in the pantry.

I need to make a shopping list so I can replace some of the junk with better things to snack on.

I just feel so silly.

I KNOW this.

I know how to fix this.


This evening, the great kitchen purge of 2016 begins!

Now... only if healthy food wasn't so expensive!

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