Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anne of Green Gables

I don't know what happened first in my life:  the novels or the mini-series.  But they both happened in elementary school.

Anne of Green Gables (and the books that came after) saw me through my elementary and middle school years.

I had red hair as a youngster (I have to dye it back to the original color these days.)  I also had an overactive imagination.  I read too much and almost preferred the worlds of my imagination to real life.  I learned so much from her.
I know I'm not the only teenager that felt a strong connection to the character.  Millions of young people did, and continue to.  Apparently she is also huge in Japan.
My friends and I were a bit disheartened when we saw that CBC was going to make another Anne movie.  As you can see, the miniseries form the 80's is rather close to my heart.
I have this dream.  I'd love to make a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island.  I want to see the house in Cavendish.  I want to have tea... or Raspberry Cordial...  
I know it's all touristy.  But I don't care.
I miss the time when I could lose myself in my imagination like that.
I miss a time when you could actually by 20 pounds of brown sugar....
I still live by this motto: 
I want to take that vacation... and recreate this picture
Who wants to go with me?

(Can you tell this was mainly an excuse to use my many GIFs?)

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