Monday, June 22, 2015

The Trials and Tribulations of the Meryl

6/24/2015: UPDATE is at the bottom

This is our Meryl.

Meryl hasn't felt well in a while.  She had grown more and more lethargic.  her appetite had decreased sharply.

Over the weekend we noticed a significant weight loss.

Then we saw it.  A rather large bulge in her right thigh.

My first through it that she has butt cancer and we were going to lose her.

Off to the vet we went.  $200 later we found out that the cat was severely dehydrated (they gave her IV saline) and that the lump in her thigh was a fluid pocket.  It might be knee joint fluid.  Under the microscope, it didn't look awful.

Now we wait.  Tomorrow we get the results of the testing.  Tomorrow we'll know more about the fate of our beloved cat.

But right now she's eating better (she inhaled half a can of tuna when we got back from the vet yesterday).  She's spending time with us instead of hiding.

I just pray she'll be ok.  She's daddy's little girl.

6/24/2015: UPDATE
I got a call from the vet yesterday afternoon (Meryl was in for a check up) that was most discouraging.

Fast forward to 5:30.  We went to pick her up.  We got put in a room so the vet could talk to us.  That's never a good sign.

The pathology came back.

The mass looks to be a HUGE granuloma.  What does this mean?  Well, the vet is going to do research to find an antibiotic to fight it.  Surgery might happen.  It still may turn into cancer, but the results aren't as dire as we thought.

Basically this gives us time to gather some money so we can afford other options.

Me?  I cried for joy for like an hour then fell asleep during America's Got Talent.

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