Monday, June 22, 2015

Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Twice now, I've hit the Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival.

The American Southwest booth had such promise.  I had roast pork that was rather leather-y.  I have dog treats that are softer.

But the chocolate lava cake is awesome!
The Asia booth is new.  I believe that between the lot of us we tried just about everything.  I loved the lettuce wraps and the dumplings.  The Thai tea was.... interesting...

the lemongrass dessert was great!
Canada is my FAVORITE booth!!!

I could eat the venison sausage and the pumpkin mousse is amazing!!
The boys got gamba fritters from this booth, but nothing else looked interesting....
The ratatouille tomato from France is always amazing!  The lemon tartlet is also great.  Sadly, I never got it.
Sadly, I didn't get a thing from here.  I was too full to try the cheesecake!!
Again, another place we forgot to get food from!
The Spousal Equivalent for the chorizo empanadas from Spain.  Sadly, this was the only booth that I couldn't catch the costumed person!
Swedish meatballs.

That's all I have to say.
Italy is a great place for dessert. My bro got panna cotta.  It was wonderful!
Ireland is another booth that I love.  The bangers and colcannon are great.  The dessert that was also good.

Of course, they had cider which was AMAZING!
Greece has baklava.  So of course I got it.

It was a wonderfully generous portion!

My overall feeling about the Food and Wine festival?

1.) it was SO hot.  Honestly, we might have stayed longer if it wasn't so bad!
2.) I was disappointing with the quality of food from the American Southwest.

Will I go again next year?

Of course!

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