Monday, May 25, 2015


On this, the last day of the weekend, we went to see Tomorrowland.

WARNING:  There will be spoilers

It wasn't the best movie that we've ever seen.  It wasn't the worst.

But it resonated with me.  It hit me in a place that is very close to home.

If you've known me for any time, you know that I quickly lose interest in movies, books and shows that are about un-winable situations.  I stopped reading the Maze Runner books becuase it seemed that they were going to be marching towards their doom for a few books now.  I stopped watching Star Gate: Universe because the plot seemed to revolved around a crew that is completely screwed.  This crew was doomed and each week was about how completely doomed they were.  Heck, most Japanese Anime don't have happy endings either.

That seems to be a central theme in the movie.  Humanity is screwed.  They haven't heeded any of the millions of warnings, and the dreamers of the world can't save them.  Until one of them does and we get a happy ending.

Honestly, the movie is a struggle between good old pessimism and denial (they don't so much as call out the Republican Climate-deniers... but they could have) and the Disney optimism of the 1960's.

the movie ended with dreamers of all genders, nationalities and ages getting recruited to change the world.

I cried.

That's the world that I want to live in.  That's why I love the fantasy and sci-fi that I do.  Star Trek, and even the Avengers give us hope.  Hope that we cna defeat the big evil that is out there.  The evils of greed, corruption and ignorance.

I cried because a place like this isn't real, and I desperately wish that it was.

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