Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Chick Fil A 5K/10K and a long weekend!

I ran a race yesterday.  The Chick Fil A 5K/10K

Honestly, it was the first that I've done in a while.  And I was HORRIBLY under-trained.  But I did it!

The course was scenic, and not overly hilly.  And LONG!  I'd forgotten how long a 10K is!

I do like this race.  Especially the family fun day after (there was a petting zoo, y'all.  I petted a llama!!).  Sadly, I can't run it next year.  I'll be in Syracuse marching in a parade.

What I wanted to saw about the race isn't about what I did.  It was about how Flat Out runs their events.

My co-worker did the race with me.  She's a woman that has had such bad health-luck of late.  She also refuses to let it stop her.  Instead of packing up the finish line, they were there until the last runners come in.  This race, it happened to be my co-worker and another woman.  They rounded the corner and the Rocky theme started to play:

Her son, who was helping at the finish line, ran out to cross the finish with her.  He then handed her the medal.

Seriously, I was crying.  Other random people with me were crying...  I need to volunteer at the finish someday!  It's inspiring!

I finished the race and got my free Chick Fil A sandwich.  Now, I haven't had any of their products in YEARS, but since it was free.... That was the best tasting food ever.  (Maybe it only tasted good because it was A: free and B: I just ran 6 miles..)

We petted animals at the petting zoo, and I could feel my throat closing like it did during the Hampton Bay Day 8K, so we decided that it was time to leave and get me some Gatorade.

I even had my Fandom of the Month box waiting for me when I got home!  (the gold was rubbing off of the bracelet and the inside of the door, but I love it!!

Thankfully my post race recovery wasn't too bad yesterday.  I was mostly tired, thirsty and HUNGRY.

And I had a ridiculous headache....

 Today, someone went to the Vet.  She's now all vaccinated and set with both flea and tick prevention.

And if you'll excuse me...  It's time to clean!

Today's task:  clean the living room.  Tomorrow it's the kitchen!

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