Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

We all know the song... for everything there is a season.... turn, turn, turn....

Well, 'tis the season for graduation.  It's a season of high emotions.  School years end, summers begin.  We send our graduates out into the world....

'Tis also the season for stress.

I honestly have no idea why commencement stresses me out so.

Yes, there is a lot of prep-work.  I have lists and RSVPs, catering, diplomas, awards, families (both where they should be and in the wrong place), pomp and circumstance!

My day always starts super early.  I get up around 6am on Commencement morning.  I remote in to my work computer and pull the list of Latin Honors.  I print out the list of graduates and then try to make myself presentable.  (This year I'm reversing those steps.  I'm going to get to campus early and use work's printer.  but I have a feeling that getting up stupidly early will still happen)

Once at the venue with diplomas, programs, decorations, place cards, reserved signs and what not in tow.  My co-worker and I run around like mad women setting up the ceremony space before prepping the reception.  (Thankfully, we went with Catering this year.  Thank goodness!)

A short 3 hours later and we're cleaning up and heading home.

Writing it out doesn't make it sound so bad.  Then why am I so darn stressed out?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I've spent the last week ready to burst into tears for no good reason.

What I do know is that by 3pm on Sunday afternoon this all will be over.

And I get to sleep in on Monday.

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