Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another year for the books

Commencement was this past weekend.  With that, the chapter of Academic year 2014-2015 comes to a close.

Commencement was Sunday.  I've been doing commencement for a few years now, and was really comfortable with the routine.  This year we had a new time, a new location, a new program, and NO parking.

Let me describe the sprint that is commencement!

The day started early for me.  I was dressed (in a fancy dress, no less.... AND heels) and in my office by 7:30 am to pull the list of Latin honors and grab the diplomas.

We then drove over to the ceremony location to park in my paid for parking spot.

That wasn't there.  Of course the church across the street had taken up every other parking spot in the place.

Heels in my hands and diplomas under my arms, I spring out the car and into the building.  (The Spousal Equivalent said he's find somewhere to park).  I run into the building to set the stage, put the diplomas in order, and have a general panic attack.


Because that's about when the Secret Service walked in.  Why?  Because Justice Scalia grandkid was graduating.

Somehow we got everyone in, the ceremony was done and dusted in under an hour.  And we even had someone else cater the event.

And now campus is deserted.

Of course there's no water and the network is glitchy today.....

But it's summer.  Time for projects and cleaning out of closets.

Happy Summer.

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