Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thank you Rachel Morgan and Kim Harrison

Last night before bed, I listened to the end of the last Rachel Morgan book.


Yes.  Listened.  I got into the audiobook thing a while ago.  After working all day, looking at print was the last thing I wanted to do.  Then I found Audible.  I could listen to books while I drove, while making dinner, during walks.  

I just spent the last few months with Rachel Morgan, Jenks, Ivy and the gang.  And as weird as it seems, I'm going to miss them.

 To The Witch with No Name
from Good Reads
13 books.  13 books of Rachel being unlucky (then VERY lucky) in love.  13 books of Jenks swearing (pixie swearing is very interesting).  13 books of learning about this world where the normal and the supernatural mix into one interesting mess.

And then it was over.

And honestly, it leaves me sad.

I loved this world.  Even back when I first read Dead Witch Walking years ago, I wished I could live than that world.

I turned off my speakers at 11 last night and felt satisfied with the ending.

And sad that I couldn't play in her world anymore.  There was talk of a series, but that wasn't to be.  Thank you Kim Harrison for you books.  And thank you Marguerite Gavin for your narration.

Should you read these books?


They are like the Anita Blake books, but with a lot less porn.  (unless you're into that.... then these books won't have enough sex)

Now it's Saturday, and I'm at a loss as to which book to listen to next.

The Women of the Otherworld series, by Kelley Armstrong?  Or maybe a stand alone novel?

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading these books. Now I want to hear them too. If I remember, you were the one who introduced them to me to begin with.