Monday, December 22, 2014

What a long strange trip I went on.....

So, I bought a Groupon for Cranial Sacral Therapy.

I did research.

I knew what I was getting into!

I didn't expect it to me this... weird...  he suggested that I drink hemp milk to combat the EMF in my body.  It hit a level of New-y Age-y that I haven't reached in quite some time.  The guy was weird.  the office was more of a single room than an office.  It was weird.

And to make matters worse, as soon as I laid down on the table my stomach started going a humpback whale impression.  I was afraid I was going to call a probe.  (I know, this movie dates me SO much!)

Yeah, not going back...

Tomorrow is the real first day of vacation.  I put in vacation hours to do it and everything!  I need to get out and run.  We have plans to go to Christmas Town.

We just need it not to rain!  The forecast is all over the place for tomorrow.  Rain.  No rain.  Kinda rain.  I need it not to.  Because I need distractions.

The holidays are really hard when I'm not in New York with my family.

To say that my family has been in New York State for a long time is an understatement.  Dad's side of the family has been there for a generation or two.  Parts of mom's family has been in the same area of the state for about three hundred years.  Christmas was always a big deal on both sides of the family when I was growing up.  Now it's a time that I can actually see my family without someone dying to get me up there!

So this year we're starting some new traditions:

  • Church on Christmas Eve
  • I'm cooking on Christmas Eve so I don't have to cook much Christmas Day.
  • We're going to a movie.
  • Friends are going to come over and we're going to play WILDLY inappropriate games.
And there will be cure pets.  (This picture is old. but also adorable!)

I have a plan.  And I refuse to be sad.  I just need the weather to hold for a day.  I'm desperate for a run!

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