Saturday, December 20, 2014


VACATION!  (sing it to this tune)

At 4:30 yesterday I left my office and won't return until the new year.

Of course I went to another office to turn something in.. and it was locked.... I picked up some cupcakes at Extraordinary Cupcakes and made me way home.

How did I spend day 1 of my vacation?  We went to see The Hobbit.  My verdict?  Not to be too spoilery, but there was a bit too much war and a little too little wrapping up the story.  After we did some shopping.  (Note to self:  until next weekend I will only visit stores in the early hours of the morning!  Sheesh!!)

What do I plan on accomplishing during my time off?

  • cleaning- catching up on housework and all
  • working out- I'd actually like to see if I can do 2-a-days when I have no other plans
  • going to Christmas Town.  I need twinkle lights, spinny rides and cocoa.  Our current plan is to go on Tuesday!
  • watching all the Christmas programming that I can.

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