Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We've hit the final stretch.  I have half a week of work (plus today).  After that there is a weekend and two days.

Then it's Christmas.

It's a bit odd to me.  Christmas snuck up this year.  We're not going anywhere, so the holiday has a different feel.

I've always loved Christmas.  I think I get it from my Father's side of the family.  Grandma always seemed to love the holiday as well.  Their house was decorated with not one, but two Christmas trees.  Christmas Eve was the big day at their house.  Lots of relatives.  Lots of food.  And a joke box of ladies undies that went to a different person every year.

My Aunt seems to have kept up that tradition.  A gift exchange.  Lots of food.  Lots of wonderful conversation.  Lots of wine and whiskey.  (Apparently we missed the year of the drunken Christmas carols a few years back....)  But always fun.

This year it's going t be quiet.  Food, church and my collection of Christmas DVDs.  I still want to hit Christmas Town again.  When I feel nostalgic for those holidays of my youth, it hits the spot.

In the days leading up to my holiday vacation, I plan on cleaning my house.  Why?  So I can relax and lay around in my pajamas and feel absolutely no guilt.

9 days to go....

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