Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Blues

As y'all know.  I LOVE Christmas.  I especially love the lead up to the holiday.  The holiday itself goes by in a blur, leaving blue feelings and scraps of ripped wrapping paper in it's wake.

My Christmas Day was a rather low key affair.  We went to see Into the Woods in the morning (after I made a point to go running, and after presents were exchanged and stockings ripped into)

John got my charms for my bracelet, and a magical cardigan of many pockets.  I got him Pocky for his stocking.  Misty got toys both from us and from my mom.

After the movie, I decided to cook.  I had ham from the day before. Vegetables from the day before.  And I thought I was being smart by cutting and freezing potatoes.  I defrosted them overnight.

Somehow the potatoes turned black and molded in my fridge overnight.  And liquefied.  It was SO disgusting!

In the end, we had enough food.  Friends came over for margaritas, leftovers, cards and Christmas specials.

I capped the night with tea, freshly made Irish brown bread and the Call the Midwife Christmas Special.

(seriously, who was surprise that Cynthia became a nun???  No one)

Today I'm going to make some lunch, and after the Spousal Equivalent gets home we're going shopping.

And maybe I can talk him into getting pizza.

At least it won't be ham.

Happy Boxing day everyone.

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